The mission of the Veteran Entrepreneur Series is to CONNECT, INSPIRE, and SUPPORT military veterans to start and grow businesses. Ultimately, we want to strengthen Veterans’ stake in the startup and innovation economy. We do this by:

  • CONNECTING veterans and entrepreneurs of all kinds to share information, advice, ideas, and lessons learned.
  • INSPIRING veterans by showing them what’s possible, what’s achievable, and that the military has given them the skills and experiences to be successful.
  • SUPPORTING veterans by providing resources and access to tools and networks that will help them start and build something.


When a veteran leaves the military, they must know that “landing a job” is not the only path. In every conversation or effort related to veteran employment, we must include entrepreneurship, and widen that path to our veterans.

Why? Why should we promote veteran entrepreneurship? Why should be strengthen their stake in the startup and innovation economy? I believe it is because, veterans are:

  1. Trained leaders and problems solvers
  2. They take risk wisely
  3. And they are mission driven

They have the capacity and skill to grow our economy, and bolster our start up community.

We do this through networking, increased collaboration, fostering innovation, and supporting each other.



As Boston’s historic seaport evolved into a thriving center for business and ideas, establishments like District Hall became icons for the revamped city space.

The modern civic building, where the innovation community can gather, became an anchor for what is known as Boston’s innovation district and the Veteran Entrepreneur Series.

District Hall partnered with the Venture Café Foundation to execute the foundation’s vision of connecting New England-based individuals, communities, and organizations. Through a continuous schedule of events and workshops, Venture Café has provided a mutually beneficial and successful innovation network to thousands of budding entrepreneurs.

As a founding sponsor of District Hall, Suburban Integrated Facilities Resources worked in conjunction with the Venture Café to establish The Veteran Entrepreneur Series. As a Massachusetts-based company created and managed by veterans, Suburban is a strong supporter of veterans’ services and development. Establishing a forum for entrepreneurial networking, support, and inspiration became the foundation for the series presented by Suburban and Venture Café.

Since 2016, the Veteran Entrepreneur Series events held at District Hall and Roxbury Innovation Center, have featured a variety of veteran business owners. The goal of the series is to provide stories and real life experiences, business resources, and opportunities to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Each event features a keynote, panel discussion, workshop, and office hours.

Together, Suburban Integrated Facilities Resources and Venture Café will continue building the veteran entrepreneur network within Boston.